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Hilde Evenepoel
‘Saying goodbye is not a choice, finding a perfect resting place is’

“More than ever before, people tend to prefer cremation, wishing to give it a warm and personal atmosphere. Those who have lost a loved one may want to make the memory tangible, creating space for comfort.
I produce a wide range of funeral vessels in my clay studio, very diverse in form and surface treatment. These objects are not thrown on the potter’s wheel, but completely hand built, thus making each and every piece very unique. I focus on forms being subtle and subdued.

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Techniques used include naked raku, ferric chloride and terra sigillata. Objects are fired in wood chips or newspapers, resulting in ever different patterns.

Fossils, wood, little shells, or other natural elements are often used as embellishment to the basic form. Glaze is only used very occasionally, as I prefer to let the clay to speak for itself, and I often also etch (or grind away) part of the surface, allowing the organic beauty of the clay to shine through.”


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